Origin Guide

Nowadays, rugs are made in many different countries and in a number of different qualities.

Originating from Persia (modern Iran), rugs were prestigious status symbols made primarily for royalty as symbols of wealth and prosperity. Over the generations, artisans have been experimenting and improving their craft as well as finding new ways of making rugs more accessible to a larger market.

Rugs are now made in many countries, however the major regions and countries where rugs are a major industry are listed below:

Middle East:

  • Persia (modern Iran) / Turkey – specialists in hand-woven traditional rugs, high quality heirloom rugs as well as machine-made modern, traditional and shag rugs
  • Afghanistan – specialists in low to medium quality traditional hand-woven rugs
  • Egypt – specialists in low cost machine made modern, traditional and shag rugs to suit USA and European tastes. Innovators in design, quality can be somewhat lacking.


  • India – specialists in hand-woven (making replica of Persian rugs), tufted rugs, modern to traditional. 
  • Pakistan – specialists in high quality handwoven rugs.


  • China – specialists in hand-tufted modern and shag rugs.


  • Belgium – specialists in modern, traditional and shag machine made rugs suited to European tastes. Innovators.
  • Moldova – specialists in low-quality traditional wool machine made rugs
  • Poland – high end machine-made rugs.