Top Trend Rugs 2024.

Top Trend Rugs 2024.

by Mehdi Tavakoli on Jul 08, 2024

Top Rug Trends for 2024: Take Your Living Space to the Next Level
New trends and innovative concepts in interior design are gaining great ground as we enter into 2024. Rugs and carpets can now be reinvented to create new living spaces with bold designs, sustainable materiality, and unexpected uses. Here's a great look at the top rug trends of 2024 to give your house a stylish yet practical makeover.

  • Sustainable Chic
Eco-friendly designs top the trend charts in 2024. Rugs made of natural and renewable materials like jute, sisal, hemp, organic cotton, and wool becomee quite in demand. These materials not only look beautiful but green the earth as well.
sutainable jute rug


  • Earth-Inspired Color Palette

Terracotta, sage green, and sandy neutrals are earthy tones that bring the outdoors inside. These are very mellow colors, earthly, and will facilitate creating a peaceful living space.

blue and white earth inspired colour rug


transitional rugs bring a lot of character and nostalgia into any décor with their worn-in look. These are timeless pieces of rugs blending the old with the new and, therefore, uniquely styled.

Blue trend transitional rug


  • Geometric Glam

Geometric patterns with angular shapes in triangles, hexagons, and chevrons are hot. This design brings a feeling of spaciousness and dynamic energy into a room and works for modern and eclectic interiors alike.

Geometric white rug

Textures are going huge in 2024; that means high-pile softness, chunky knits, and hand-woven finishes that add interest to the sense and depth of any space. Textured rugs create delight at every step in a place, so they're great for living rooms and bedrooms alike.

textured grey rug
  • Oversized Patterns

Big florals and gnarly geometrics make big statements in any room. This dramatic textiles used as a focal point is perfect for open plan spaces and simple furniture.

pattern rug
  • Minimal and Neutral

Clean-lined, neutral-colored, and subtly patterned rugs ooze class and sophistication. These rugs can be used as versatile canvases for any decor.

Blue minimal rug