How to clean outdoor rugs?

clean outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are an excellent choice for brightening up patios, decks and balconies are the latest in fashion accessory in floor covering. They can provide comfort for entertaining areas, create a play space for the kids and their toys, and transform a dull and cold veranda into a place that is inviting, comfortable and warm.

Outdoor rugs can really transform an outdoor area, and even add value to your home. When you invest in a good quality outdoor rug and outdoor furniture, you are expanding the space that you have to live in. This is an exceptional choice if you live in a warm location, as you will be able to spend much of your time outdoors where the weather is welcoming and refreshing.

Outdoor rugs do need to be cleaned though, and you will need to clean them properly to ensure they reach their full life span. The material will be cared for if you clean it well, and the rug will look better and be more comfortable to walk on.

clean outdoor rugs regularly

Outdoor rugs perform differently to indoor rugs. They are designed to be used in an environment that is dirty, muddy and damp. You will find that your outdoor rugs collects more dirt and grime than your indoor rugs do, and although this is okay, it also means that you will need to clean outdoor rugs them more often.

The good thing about outdoor rugs is that they are easy to clean. Get out a sponge, detergent and a bucket of water and clean your rug with vigour. When you are finished, use your hose to wash it all off. Leave your outdoor rug to dry in the sunlight, to ensure that it does not remain damp, and return it to its position when it is dry.

Store your rug when not in use

If you are only using your rug during certain seasons of the year, you will care for your rug if you store it while it is not in use. You can either roll it up, and store it in a garage or shed, and or cover it with plastic to protect it. Caring for your rug, and clean outdoor rugs regularly, will help it to last longer, and you will be grateful that you took the time and energy to preserve it.


Rug Size Guide

This Rug Size Guide summary is developed by RugSpot to help you choose the right rug.

How Do I choose the right Size?

The size of the rug will depend on the room and the way you’d like to set it.

Living Room – Consider the rug in relation to the furniture around it as it will affect what parts of the rug you will be able see. There are three to fit a rug in a room.

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Dining Room – For dining room you’d want to have the rug that covers the table and the chairs.  The rug needs to be big enough so that the chairs are pulled in and out on the rug. To do this you need to measure the length and width of the table.

Next pull out a chair as if you are going to sit on it and measure the distance between the back of the chair and the table.  Double up this distance and add it to both length and width of the table to get an approximate size for the rug you’ll need.


Dining Table –  Length 2.00 Meter, Width 1.0 Meter

Chair and the distance allowed for sitting on it, say 0.75 Meter

 Approx Rug –    Length 2.00+2 x0.75 = 3.50 Meters, Width 1.0+0.75×2 = 2.50 Metres

 Tip: If your rug is too narrow or too short, chairs legs will fall off the rug and you’ll have difficulty pushing the chair back towards the table. Repeating this may also scratch your floor.

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Bedroom – There are three room setting

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Below are the approximate rug sizes and with potential room settings.

Dimensions (Cm)     Size                     Suitable Area

120 x 170 Cm                   Small                   Coffee table, children room, Entry area

160 x 230                          Medium             2-3 Seater Sofa

200 x 290                         Large                   3 Seater Sofa, or 4-6 seater dining table

240×330                           X Large               2 x 3 Seater Sofa or 8 seater dining table

380×390                           XX Large           Large Rooms, 10-12 seater dining table

80 x 300                           Short Runner   Short Hallway

80x 400                            Med. Runner    Medium Hallway

80x by Meter                   Long Runner    Very long Hallway See Runners Guide