Choosing where to place floor rugs

choosing where to place floor rugs

Floor rugs look wonderful in homes of all types, but they are also highly practical. Floor rugs will protect the flooring of your home from wear and tear, and they will also make a home warmer and more comfortable. Floor rugs are soft under your feet, provide insulation during colder weather, and they enhance the textures and aesthetics within your home.

You can purchase floor rugs of different types – different sizes, materials, shapes, colours and designs. You can also purchase rugs that function for different purposes. This means that you will certainly find the right rugs for your home, no matter how you want to use them and where you want to place them.

Living areas

Living areas are popular areas for floor rugs to be placed. In larger rooms, floor rugs can be used to separate the space into smaller sections. You may not decide to use one rug for the entire room, but only one section, or a number of sections. You may choose to border your rugs with furniture, such as lounges, chairs and cupboards. Placing floor rugs in the living areas of your home will frame the space that you are using, and keep your family warm and comfortable while they are socialising and relaxing together.


Bedrooms should be warm and comfortable, and floor rugs will be especially important here if you do not have carpeted floors. You could choose a larger rug to fill the entire room and place your bed over it, or you could simply place a small rug at each side of your bed.

Children’s rugs

Children love floor rugs and you can use them in various areas of your home. Children’s rugs can be used in their own bedrooms or their play rooms, or they can be added to family areas like lounge rooms and rumpus rooms to define a specific area for young children to play in.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Have you considered placing rugs in your kitchen or bathroom? We provide rugs that are perfect for these areas, because they are easily washed and cleaned even if they get wet. These rugs are also small enough to fit into tight spaces, such as next to a bath, or along a galley kitchen. Floor rugs for wet areas will help create warmth, as these areas usually have a washable floor that is hard and cold. Add some insulation and softness beneath your feet!


Decorate your hallway with floor rugs that are perfectly shaped for long and narrow spaces. You can add several small rugs to hallways, or you can add in a long runner-style rug. Quite often hallways are difficult to decorate, because there is not much room for furniture and other items. You can however, decorate easily with floor rugs.

Outdoor areas

Outdoor floor rugs will cover up patios, decks and balconies, and they are designed to be resistant to mildew and mould, even if they do get wet. Consider adding rugs to your exterior living areas, to brighten them up and fill them with comfort and warmth.

Areas other than the floor

Floor rugs do not even need to be placed on the floor! Try hanging floor rugs over the backs of chairs, benches or railings to create a warm and welcoming environment.


Rug Size Guide

This Rug Size Guide summary is developed by RugSpot to help you choose the right rug.

How Do I choose the right Size?

The size of the rug will depend on the room and the way you’d like to set it.

Living Room – Consider the rug in relation to the furniture around it as it will affect what parts of the rug you will be able see. There are three to fit a rug in a room.

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Dining Room – For dining room you’d want to have the rug that covers the table and the chairs.  The rug needs to be big enough so that the chairs are pulled in and out on the rug. To do this you need to measure the length and width of the table.

Next pull out a chair as if you are going to sit on it and measure the distance between the back of the chair and the table.  Double up this distance and add it to both length and width of the table to get an approximate size for the rug you’ll need.


Dining Table –  Length 2.00 Meter, Width 1.0 Meter

Chair and the distance allowed for sitting on it, say 0.75 Meter

 Approx Rug –    Length 2.00+2 x0.75 = 3.50 Meters, Width 1.0+0.75×2 = 2.50 Metres

 Tip: If your rug is too narrow or too short, chairs legs will fall off the rug and you’ll have difficulty pushing the chair back towards the table. Repeating this may also scratch your floor.

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Bedroom – There are three room setting

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Below are the approximate rug sizes and with potential room settings.

Dimensions (Cm)     Size                     Suitable Area

120 x 170 Cm                   Small                   Coffee table, children room, Entry area

160 x 230                          Medium             2-3 Seater Sofa

200 x 290                         Large                   3 Seater Sofa, or 4-6 seater dining table

240×330                           X Large               2 x 3 Seater Sofa or 8 seater dining table

380×390                           XX Large           Large Rooms, 10-12 seater dining table

80 x 300                           Short Runner   Short Hallway

80x 400                            Med. Runner    Medium Hallway

80x by Meter                   Long Runner    Very long Hallway See Runners Guide