Close-up of the Florence 463 Shaggy Rug's plush, machine-made texture.
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the texture o the shaggy rug
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Florence 463 Shaggy Rug in a cozy living room, featuring a soft, short pile.
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Florence 463 Shaggy Rug enhancing a modern living room setting.
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a close-up backview of the rug
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a long-shot view of the beautiful rug
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silver florance shaggy rug
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Florence 463 Shaggy Rug

colour: Beige
Size: 30 x 30
30 x 30
155 x 225
200 x 290
240 x 330

The Florence 463 Shaggy Rug brings back the nostalgic charm of the 1970s with its soft, short pile. Available in Beige or Light Grey, this machine-made rug comes in sizes ranging from Medium to X-Large. Enjoy the luxurious feel of the Florence Rug without worrying about shedding. 🏡✨

Features of Florence 463 Shaggy Rug:

  • Total Weight/m²: 2.00 Kg ⚖️
  • Material(s): 100% Polyester 🧵
  • Pile Height: 25 mm 📏
  • Overall Thickness: 30 mm 📏
  • Quality: Machine Made 🏭
  • Main Color(s): White-Beige, White-Grey 🎨
  • Made in: India 🇮🇳
  • Color-Fast: Yes 🎨
  • Anti Static: Yes ⚡
  • Stain Resistant: Yes 🧼
  • UV Protected: Yes 🌞
  • Shedding: Low 🚫
  • Easy to Vacuum: Yes 🧹
  • Care Instruction: Remove stains immediately with a clean cloth. Professional wash is recommended. 🧽

Add the Florence 463 Shaggy Rug to your living room, bedroom, or office to blend comfort ,beautifulness and style. Its timeless design will complement any interior, from modern to classic. Experience the quality and softness of a machine-made polyester rug designed to last and provide comfort for years to come.

This shaggy Rug combines nostalgic charm with modern quality. 🌟

Note: This item may have color and size variations. Use the information above as a guide ONLY.