At RugSpot we offer a number of different runners in different designs, colours and qualities which can be seen on our product pages.

Runners can be available in  ‘Set length’ or ‘Custom length’.

‘Set length’ runners are normally available in 3.00 m and 4.00 m length and is ready for use.

‘Custom length’ runners are sold by the metre and can be cut to a size to suit your hallway or staircase. We  provide three choices for finishing for the two ends of the runner which is cut:

  1. Unfinished – no borders or over-locking (if you’re fitting the runner on a staircase)
  2. Over-locked – over-locking the two ends to protect the two ends of the runner. The runner will not borders at the ends
  3. Mitred – add a matching border to the two ends of creating the impression the was made for your hallway.

For more information or to order your own ‘Custom length’ runner it is best to email us at

Conditions of sale for Custom Length runners:

  • RugSpot will cut the runner to the nearest ‘repeat pattern’ (e.g. if the rug features a medallion and the size specified is half way through the pattern we will cut runner to the end of the pattern and charge for you for the additional length)
  • RugSpot can arrange for the over-locking and/or mitring to be done by a specialist third party subcontractor, however, we will not accept any responsibility or liability for the quality of work carried out by the third party subcontractor.
  • 30 day money back guarantee and 12 months warranty are voided for custom runners regardless of the finishing.